Abandon All Hope

Security Level: 

Although Raxxon and many people of the world have fought bravely, there comes a time when admitting defeat is the first step to rebuilding society.

Our tracking of the virus spread has seen infection rates reach the tipping point. Despite the heroic efforts of Raxxon Pharmaceuticals, with help from others, this scourge on humanity has somehow spread into an unstoppable death spiral. Those who have access to fallout shelters or other long-term habitats are encouraged to make use of them. Raxxon will stay above ground, taking the help of any of those who are still willing to put themselves at risk.

As of now, Raxxon Evacuation Kits will be shipped nationwide. You will be able to find them in your Friendly Local Post-apocalyptic Preparedness Store this October. We hope they can help keep your community safe. Until they arrive kits will be available via recruitment as they have been, and the command line interface continues to be available.

Before, signing off, we at Raxxon would like to repeat that neither Raxxon nor our wonder-drug Zomoxtrin are responsible for the doom the world currently faces. Nevertheless, we will do everything necessary to bring humanity back from the brink when the time comes. One day we will look back and see this moment as humanity's turning point toward a greater society. No disease. No violence. No pollution. Humanity will thrive on Raxxon!

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