Zomoxtrin Spokespersons Defamed

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As our global community deals with the current difficult situation, some whose role is to HELP this crisis are instead DEFAMING the name of our heroes, our knights in shining armor, the ones we should all be admiring - yes, that's right, celebrities.

In particular, those who have signed contracts for promoting Raxxon's Zomoxtrin should NOT be considered part of the problem. How else can Raxxon get the world out about safety when our most high-profile people are being slandered?

As an example, here is a recent excerpt of a report blaming members of the Zomoxtrin family:

It all came crashing down when the spokesperson I allowed to leave was seen PROMOTING the Raxxon cure!  Still in the city, and encouraging people to stay!  The irony is that the spokesperson was none other than Colby Dauch - the Founder of Plaid Hat Games - a company I had grown to admire.  The nerve of that guy - and to be honest, he didn't look so handsome as some have claimed - perhaps Raxxon has been giving him injections as compensation?

In order to provide complete transparency, we have lifted the security clearance on this report, and have made it open and available for all to view. It's clear to us that publishing these documents will make our innocence apparent.

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