When are all the possible times to Pass on your turn?

We had a question last night that I couldn't seem to answer via the rule book. There was some confusion about all the possible times to pass on your turn. From what I've gathered here, you can pass at the beginning of your turn (to trigger no consequences), during the Resolve Consequences phase (IE, resolve 2 of the 5 consequences, but then pass, and not resolve the remaining 3). Are these the only two options? Can you pass AFTER you've resolved all your consequences, and thus, not take an actual action (even though this seems silly to do so, is it technically allowed)?

Yes, you could also pass after all consequences are resolved.

You can pass at the very beginning of your turn, or after resolving any 1 consequence icon. Of course, if you pass, regardless, your turn is skipped for the rest of the day.

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