Optimism Remains High - Thanks to Raxxon!

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I was managing the population according to all protocols, with swift and compassionate treatment of the healthy - mostly.  Using a randomly drawn team leader each day, my first solo jaunt into the streets was met with great initial success.  I was evacuating handful of healthy each day - with ZERO innocent death...  Ok, maybe one or two, but nothing intentional.

The issue was that Raxxon interference - while many of the "situations" were avoidable, the Raxxon specific conflicts seemed to come up over and over - raising the tension between my evacuation leaders and Raxxon.

It all came crashing down when the spokesperson I allowed to leave was seen PROMOTING the Raxxon cure!  Still in the city, and encouraging people to stay!  The irony is that the spokesperson was none other than Colby Dauch - the Founder of Plaid Hat Games - a company I had grown to admire.  The nerve of that guy - and to be honest, he didn't look so handsome as some have claimed - perhaps Raxxon has been giving him injections as compensation?  

Anyway, there were just four healthy left and I realized the difficulty of finding them with so many infected in the mix.  Investigate actions really started triggering and things got more hairy than ever.  

Going to dig in again and see if I can get more ahead of Raxxon and their interest in my day-to-day - especially now that I know those last few healthy are difficult to find.

More updates soon.

Good Luck to all the other Evacuation Leaders - keep an eye on Raxxon - they injected me with more than one "experimental" cure and my arm is starting to tingle and looks a bit darker than the other...



lol. Thank you for this. heart eyes.

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